A Scent Of The Matterhorn

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A Scent Of The Matterhorn
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A Scent Of The Matterhorn is a 1961 Looney Tunes cartoon starring Pepe Le Pew and Penelope Pussycat.


The cartoon begins with a street-painting machine loosening from its driver's carriage on a hill and going flying through the air. It paints everything in its path, including a cow, 2 chickens, a pig, and finally Penelope Pussycat, the latter of whom is being chased by a dog; luckily, Penelope is able to climb up a mountain to escape after the street-painting machine falls on her pursuer. Meanwhile, Pepe Le Pew is on the top of the mountain that Penelope has climbed up, singing and unintentionally disgusting everyone in his path with his smell (including a frog, a bug, and various flowers). He then sees Penelope (who is taking a catnap, ostensibly because of how exhausting it was for her to climb up the mountain) mistakes her for a female skunk (as usual), and runs down towards her, saying, "Keep your guard up, cherie." Hello, young lover, whoever you are. My name is Pepe Le Pew. Every-vun ought to have a hobby, don't you zink? Mine is being romantic." says the skunk. Penelope seems to be still half-asleep and therefore displays unconcern at Pepe's amorous advances...until she smells his foul skunk-smell, that is. The cat tries to get away, but Pepe catches her in an embrace, saying, "You are a girl, I am a boy. V have all zat in common, darling. May I call you 'darling?' You may call me 'Streetcar' because of my desire for--" Just then, Penelope breaks free and runs away, kicking Pepe in the face in the process. However, the skunk isn't discouraged, as he believes that he "gets a kick out of [Penelope];" thus, he chases after his "love-interest," eventually catching her.