A Taste of Catnip

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A Taste of Catnip is a Merrie Melodies cartoon from 1966. It was first released to theaters on December 3, 1966.


At the Guadalajara Medical Centre, psychiatrist Dr. Manuel Jose Olvera Sebastian Rudolfo Ortiz Pancho Jimenez Perez III (Mexico's finest) describes an encounter one year ago with Daffy Duck. Daffy proceeds to tell Perez that he has been exhibiting progressively more extreme cat-like desires.

Perez discovers through a blood test that Daffy has lethal amounts of catnip in his blood, and he must discover the source. Daffy discovers that right across the street is the Continental Catnip Corp. of Chihuahua. He decides to destroy it with a rocket, ridding him of his cat-like desires but also arousing the wrath of neighborhood cats, including Sylvester. Perez receives a phone call about Daffy's success, and his next patient, Speedy Gonzales, enters; he exhibits duck-like desires. Moaning, Perez claims, "I should have listened to mi padre. He wanted me to be a bandido."


  • On CBS, the part where Daffy blows up the catnip factory and is pummelled by the neighborhood cats was cut.


  • This is the last theatrical cartoon featuring Sylvester from the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series.


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