Ace Bunny

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File:Loonatics Unleashed - Episode 11 - The Menace of the Mastermind - YouTube.jpg
Ace Bunny
Background information
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Male
Debut appearance: Loonatics on Ice
Created by: Adam Trevor Grant
Joseph Louis Grant
Portrayed by: Charlie Schlatter

Ace Bunny is the decedent of Bugs Bunny, and is the leader of the Loonatics in Loonatics Unleashed. He also acts and talks just like Bugs Bunny.

Ace is clever, savvy, a born leader, who wears his uniform with yellow accents. Ace is the team's leader. He fights in close proximity of his enemies, using his martial arts skills more often than his laser vision. An adept martial artist and swords-hare; his sword, as revealed in the second season is a weapon from the planet Freleng (link to Friz Freleng) called the Guardian Strike Sword.

Before getting his powers, Ace was a martial arts stunt double in films.

Ace loves to toy with his opponents like his ancestor did. However, in cases of someone who has the ability to a level where they could be a potential threat to him and his team dealing with them, he does so less. Like his ancestor, Ace possesses a Brooklyn accent and says his catchphrase(at least once): "Whats up, doc?" and most fans believe Ace could be in love with one of his teammates Lexi Bunny because in episode twenty-one "It Came From Outer Space" he quickly took action on rescuing Lexi from Melvin The Martian.

Abilities and weapons[edit]

  • Optical Enhancement: IR vision laser lock.
  • Laser Vision: Can shoot destructive laser blasts from his eyes.
  • Guardian Strike Sword: Primary weapon used for weapon-to-weapon combat, later is able generate powerful charges of energy.