Ain't Nature Grand!

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Ain't Nature Grand! is a 1931 film starring Bosko.


Bosko goes fishing next to a sign that says no fishing. He starts to feel sorry for the worm that he has brought; instead he uses the letters on the sign to act as worms. He catches a fish, declares that it's cute and attempts to keep it as a pet. The fish proceeds to spit at him, before jumping back into the water. Meanwhile, the worm is not safe yet. A bird chases him; but he runs into a hole. Meanwhile Bosko finds two ladybugs dancing on stones next to a waterfall as a spider is playing his web as a harp. A pelican rises up from the water to throw four frogs right next to Bosko. Bosko and the frogs sing and dance. The two ladybugs are troublesome; they use a wasp like an airplane, a flower as a propeller, and a beehive and tree branch as a machine gun. They shoot Bosko with several bees, driving him away and making him fall into a water fountain. But Bosko, who looks happy, pulls out his hat and tells the audience that everything's going to be alright.



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