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Ala Bahma

From Loonipedia

Ala Bahma is a magician who first appeared in Case Of The Missing Hare. He nailed a poster advertising his show over the hollow tree that was Bugs Bunny's home. Even after Bugs protested having his front door plastered over, the magician struck him in the face with a blackberry pie. Bugs decided to go his show and drive him crazy, taking the place of the rabbit in his hat, and later masquerading as a little boy from the audience. Bugs' revenge was complete when he conjured a blackberry pie and struck the magician in the face with it on stage.

He later appeared as a chef in The Cat Who Knew Too Much, an episode of The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries, and also made a cameo appearance in Space Jam.

Ala Bahma name is a take off on the American state Alabama.