Bartholomew Versus the Wheel

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Bartholomew Versus the Wheel is a 1964 cartoon. It was directed by Robert McKimson. It was one of two pre-DPT cartoons to carry the mid-1960s WB opening and closing credits.


A little boy relates the story of his dog Bartholomew, about how one day his tail was run over by the wheel of another boy's scouter, and how it lead him to the Sahara desert.


The cartoon opens up with a kid showing a picture of himself. We then cut to Bartholomew, and the boy talks about how his father told him that Bartholomew would make a good watch dog. The boy mentions that Bartholomew could bark good and that he never chased cats, instead they chased him. He was very lovable and he did tricks.

The narrator talks about how Bartholomew was a good dog, but then mentions how one day he got his tail run by a boy's scouter. This led him to be furious, and he chased after the boy's scouter, attempting to bite it off, causing the boy to cry in the process. This incident also lead him to despising anything that was a wheel.

The narrator then mentions that when he was little he would take little wheels, but when he got bigger he took big wheels. Not just from bikes and scouters, but from cars as well, and even trucks.

The scene cuts to the narrator mentioning that there had been one kind of wheel that Bartholomew hadn't caught, and that it was hard to catch. We cut to an airport, where an airplane is about to take off. Bartholomew digs a hole and then proceeds to chase after the airplane, only for it take fly off. Bartholomew doesn't give up and the next scene we see him holding on to the airplane.

The narrator in the meanwhile notices that Bartholomew is gone. He attempts to call him over and over again, but gets no response. He gets help from everyone in the neighborhood, but not even the dog catcher knows where he is.

Meanwhile Bartholomew is revealed to be in the Sahara desert. He is lost and confused, when he spots a group of pink dogs being led by another dog. He attempts to follow them, but the dog (that is pink) barks at him. The narrator mentions how none of the people there petted him, how he never got a wheel-chase, and how most of the people there didn't wear clothes.

One day Bartholomew was very sad. He found a house, and stopped to look at the picture. It was a USA poster, and Bartholomew remembers what got him in the Sahara desert in the first place. He decides to go back on the airplane, in hopes of getting home. He manages to get home and everybody celebrates his return. At the end Bartholomew doesn't hate anything (Even wheels) except cats.