Bedevilled Rabbit

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Bedevilled Rabbit is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes short featuring Bugs Bunny, directed by Robert McKimson and released in 1957. Bugs is lost in Tasmania, and has to deal with The Tasmanian Devil.


After a box of carrots is dropped into the middle of a jungle in Tasmania, Bugs pops out, wondering how he went from sleeping in a carrot plop to the middle of Tasmania. Suddenly, a group of animals (both wild and domesticated) come running through the woods, scared for their lives (Bugs mistakes it for “chow time at the zoo”). A crocodile (who turns himself inside out into a bag for a disguise) hands Bugs a booklet talking about the Tasmanian Devil and the many things it eats. Bugs reads “Eats Aardvarks, Ants, Elephants, Antelopes, Cats, Bats, Dogs, Hogs, Crocs, Gators, Eagles, Fish, Deer, Wolves, Chickens, Giraffes, Gazelles, Octopuses, Wildebeests, People, etc. — but there's no such animal.” While Bugs is going through the list, the Tasmanian Devil comes roaring in and greedily says that it 'especially' eats rabbits as it turns to the page that says it and eats the booklet. Bugs is able to temporarily fool Taz into thinking he's a monkey, which Tasmanian Devils don't eat (though one of the animals seen running for its life was a monkey — ostensibly because all animals are scared of Tasmanian). However, Tasmanian soon starts chasing Bugs again. Bugs tricks "Baggy Eyes" into getting crushed under a tree but Tasmanian manages to exit through a knothole in the tree. Bugs jokes around wondering what Tasmanian Devil pancakes would taste like, but he lets his guard down and Tasmanian grabs Bugs by his ears and asks him "What for you say you monkey, when you got little powder puff tail like rabbit, Rabbit?" Bugs ends up on a spit, trussed like a roast pig, as Tasmanian puts salt and pepper on Bugs. Bugs is really nervous, because he is about to be eaten for lunch and has no escape plan, but luckily he sees Tasmanian making a large salad to go with him. Bugs compliments Tasmanian on his "mean salad" but informs him that the best thing to have with a salad is "wild turkey surprise," not rabbit. Tasmanian, wanting to try it, unties Bugs. Bugs throws some sticks of dynamite together, lights the fuses and dresses the 'legs' up to look like they're from a turkey. Tasmanian gobbles the dish, but doesn't seem too harmed from the explosion in his stomach. When Tasmanian starts chasing Bugs again, Bugs runs into a store owned by a "Trader Mac" and pulls some items off the shelf to dress himself up as a Tasmanian She-Devil, whom Tasmanian goes gaga over. Bugs 'makes out' with Tasmanian and, with a bear trap for lips, gives him a big kiss, driving Tasmanian wild. This causes the real she-devil (whom Tasmanian married at the end of Devil May Hare in 1954) to come in and smack him across the head with her rolling pin. Bugs comments "She's a nice lady. Yeesh!"