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LevenThumps wrote:
I have a new poll suggestion that I think fits more with current Looney Tunes news: Do you want a third Season for the Looney Tunes Show?  The final episode will probably air sometime next month, so I think this question would work better for October.  

I also think that a specific piece of media should be the special, although I am perfectly fine with it being in the category of halloween specials.  I think it should be in this category.

I like your poll suggestion, however, I believe it'd work well in November, since apperently SuperRabbit is listed to air on November 3rd instead. Maybe a poll for this month could be: are you excited to see Looney Tunes back on Boomerang? since it comes back this month (October 5th to be exact).

I agree with the Halloween special only being one, I don't really see a category working out very well. Maybe Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special?