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A lot of changes has come to Looney Tunes Wiki in the past few days, and if you missed any of it, you can see it all right here.

The first big change is the removal of the "head admin" position.  We are a community, and every admin and crat has a say in major wiki decisions.  No one person will decide what will be done for major things on the wiki.  Each individual person can make small things without having to ask the entire group.

Secondly, the demotion of an admin for inactivity.  Admins have worked very hard to earn their positions, and while we are supposed to edit in good faith, we should see lack of editing in good faith, and assume they are busy with other items, and shouldn't be demoted for inactivity.

Thirdly, since we are giving our admins more trust, Looney Tunes Wiki is going to be picking future admins and crats much more carefully than previously.  That doesn't mean it is impossible to become an admin or crat.  You will need to have edited on the wiki for a good while (the exact time is still undecided), and as said before, earn your position.  Adminship and cratship are very big positions that affect the entire wiki, so all current admins and crats will be able to vote on elibigible nominees, and the majority vote will be the winner.  Admins and crats will be able to promote people to the status of chat mod or patroller without having to ask the entire council, since they are smaller positions.  If you want to apply for admin, you can start a thread in the admin council forums board.

I know that all admins and crats were not able to hear all these ideas beforehand due to everybody's own schedule, and if there is something that was decided by the others that you object to or want to comment on, please feel free to do it below.  <ac_metadata title="Looney Tunes Wiki Admin Changes - July 2013"> </ac_metadata>