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K, so my grandma and I went to this party store, because my sister (only 4 years old too!) told me that they had Looney Tunes and "Maniacs" (that's how she says "Animaniacs") stuffed animals there (she had went there previously). So my curiousity was peaked. When I got there, they did in fact have Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, AND Pinky and the Brain merchandise from the 90s! I never even knew half the stuff I got existed till now! Plus, they even had their own Looney Tunes display, themed to a bunch of crates of ACME Products and a big Looney Tunes sign on the top! I, of course, could not grab all of it, but I certainly grabbed a lot! Here's what I all got:

  • Wakko Stuffed Animal (1994)
  • Bugs Bunny Stuffed Animal (1994)
  • Daffy Duck Stuffed Animal (1994)
  • Bugs Bunny Pencil Grabber Thing (With a pencil as well!)
  • Pinky Stuffed Animal (1994)
  • Michigan J. Frog Stuffed Animal (1994)
  • Porky Pig Action Figure (1996?)
  • Bugs Bunny Sign With String(?) (1996)
  • Baby Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Stuffed Animal
  • Baby Looney Tunes Daffy Duck Stuffed Animal
  • Bugs Bunny 50th B-Day Figure (1990?)

I believe that was everything Looney Tunes related; I also got some Disney stuff as well.<ac_metadata title="TONS of Old Looney Tunes merchandise found today by me! :D" notify_everyone="1380840026"> </ac_metadata>