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I think Person To Bunny (1960) was supposed to be released in 1959 but was originally  cancelled out of theaters due to several production dificulties such as

1.  Arthur Q. Bryan ( The Voice of Elmer Feudd ) died when voicing Elmer.

2  Edward R. Murrow ( Cedric R . Burrows in this cartoon) left the television series "Person To Person" in 1959. He was later replaced by Charles Collingswood 

So this might mean that the cartoon was supposed to be released in 1959 but due to some Production difficulties, It was slightly out of date and was expired when it was debuted in 1960. So it was canncelled out of Theaters in my notes. <ac_metadata title="Was Person To Bunny (1960) Cancelled Out of theaters?" related_topics="Person To Bunny" lastmove="1376250414"> </ac_metadata>