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  • That would be the final cartoon where Elmer Fudd appeared with either Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck (or with both) onscreen until the Looney Tunes revival shorts of the 1990s. That is also the final cartoon where Arthur Q. Bryan voiced Elmer Fudd. Bryan had died in November 1959, a number of months before Person to Bunny's release.
  • Burrows' voice was provided by Daws Butler.
  • The cartoon was slightly out of date even when it debuted in 1960, as Edward R. Murrow had already left "Person to Person" by 1959 and was replaced with Charles Collingwood. That was partially unavoidable, due to the long lead time between start time and completion of a theatrical cartoon (in some cases, over a year).

I guess so. I do not know for sure, though. A history buff though I am, I ain't no Jerry Beck.