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Boom Boom

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Boom Boom is a 1936 cartoon starring Beans and Porky.


The opening consists of a series of World War 1 gags, such as a soldier throwing a pin that is destroyed by a grenade, and is caught in a net by an ambulance; a soldier interactions with bullets; and a machiner who is terrified. Porky attempts to lead a charge, but has support from his men. He goes back to Bean's cabinet and drives under his bunk. The two sing, "Your in the Army Now" and receive news that General Hardtack has been captured and is being held prisoner. The two run off into their motorcycle, but find that they are being chased by a bullet. They successfully arrive just in time to save the general. The two then proceed to take off in a plane, but it gets shot, and Porky, and Beans find themselves in the hospital.