Bosko Shipwrecked!

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Bosko Shipwrecked! is a 1931 cartoon starring Bosko.


Because of an awful storm, Bosko finds himself shipwrecked on an island. He wakes up to find that two monkeys are fighting over his hat. They end upsetting a nest, causing an egg to splatter right on Bosko's face. A parrot responds with, "Yolks on you!" while repeating it over and over again. The parrots laugh so hard, he ends up falling off his branch and into a dead tree trunk that is shaped like a tube. When he gets up, he finds that his feathers have all been torn off. Bosko finds he has more things to worry about, because he finds himself being chased by a lion. Bosko find himself safe, when the lion accidentally jumps into the mouth of an alligator, but that's not the end of Bosko's worry. He finds himself encountering a group of simian cannibals.