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Boston Quackie

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Boston Quackie is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes short featuring Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, directed by Robert McKimson and released in 1957. The name and cartoon itself are a parody of a 1950s crime serial called Boston Blackie.


"Friend to those who need no friend, enemy to those who have no enemies", Boston Quackie (played by Daffy Duck) is an American agent enjoying some time in Paris with his girlfriend Mary when his boss (played by Porky Pig) comes to him with an assignment. Porky hands Quackie briefcase that has to be delivered to the Slobovian consulate - however, secret agents will try to get the briefcase. Immediately on turning his back, Quackie lost the briefcase by a man wearing a green hat. Quackie, Mary and his boss chased after him

Quackie follows the man to the Cloak & Dagger express train, and tries various ways to prove that the man wears a green hat and thus is the man he's after. With some help from Porky and Mary, Quackie eventually prevails, getting the briefcase to the Slobovian consulate. However, he's dismayed when the consulate pulls out what appears to be a simple bottle (saying "You mean, all that hassle just so you could have a coffee break?"). The consulate pours some water in the bottle, shakes it, and out pops a beautiful woman in an evening dress - the consulate needed a date for the embassy ball. Quackie then looks at the label for the bottle - "Acme House Instant Girl" ("Directions: Add water and pour" being written in another label on the back side of the pot), and admiringly says, "You know, there just might be a market for this!"thumb|300px|right

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