Bugs Bunny's Overtures to Disaster

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Bugs Bunny's Overtures to Disaster is a 1991 Looney Tunes Television special directed by Greg Ford and Terry Lennon. In new animation, Jeff Bergman voiced Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Elmer and Sylvester.

Shorts used[edit]


While reading the newspaper, The Three Bears decide to go to the opera. Also seen in the paper is the headline Experimental Fly escapes, cannot be killed.

After a clip from Rabbit of Seville of the audience walking in, Bugs Bunny emerges from his dressing room and begins to conduct. In the audience, the fly lands on Papa Bear's head; Baby Bear tries to squash it with his toy wagon, but only succeeds in knocking Papa unconscious. The fly flies up to Bugs, whose conducting is ruined.

Porky Pig starts playing the William Tell Overture before Daffy Duck. Daffy is angered, and a fight ensues. The Lone Ranger and his horse Silver come in when the music is over.

Elmer Fudd is up, and Sylvester starts singing. In effect, Elmer decides to throw Sylvester out. Elmer starts to conduct Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 when Sylvester runs up and down the stairs singing Hungarian Rhapsody. Elmer beats up Sylvester and walks back in, but sees that the audience loved Sylvester's act. Elmer quits, declaring that he has been "humiwiated fow the wast time."

Bugs introduces The Barber of Seville when Porky informs him that Elmer quit. Bugs goes to get him back and tricks him back onto set, performing Rabbit of Seville. Bugs then tells him how they loved it and changes him into his Wagnerian warrior costume. Bugs tells him he'll like the next one because he gets to kill Bugs. They perform What's Opera, Doc?.

Bugs then takes another shot at conducting, unaware that the fly has driven the audience away. The fly claps, Bugs shrugs and finally bows.


  • Sylvester's Hungarian Rhapsody from Back Alley Oproar is reused here, with new animation because while Warner/Chappell Music held the rights to the music in the cartoon, Turner Entertainment (through the 1956 a.a.p. sale and various mergers) owned the rights to the footage at the time (Warner would not regain the rights until 1996).
  • In the audience, you see cameos of the man from "The Wise Quacking Duck", the two stranded men from "Wackiki Wabbit", and Granny and Sam from "Hare Trimmed".

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