Buttons and Mindy

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Buttons and Mindy is a cartoon segment on Animaniacs.



Buttons, a heroic Lassie

File:Mindy and buttons.jpg
Buttons chases Mindy

-like dog (voiced by Frank Welker) and the cute and pretty accident-prone toddler (voiced by Nancy Cartwright) he is sworn to protect, even at the cost of severe injury to himself. The comedy of their shorts is based on the premise that, no matter what, Mindy always ends up exactly where her mother leaves her at the start of the skit, having narrowly avoided death a half dozen times, while the heroic (and severely battered) Buttons gets berated for some minor damage he or Mindy causes (e.g. trampling a flower bed) while trying to keep Mindy alive. The characters of this cartoon are similar to Baby Herman and Roger Rabbit. Wakko's Wish shows the only known time in which Mindy referred to her mother as "Mom" and Buttons received a reward (a stack of T-Bone Steaks) from Mindy's Mom rather than being scolded.


Mindy is the adorable and very beautiful little girl that Buttons must watch. She appears in the cartoon skit known as "Buttons and Mindy." Her mother always leaves her alone in the house with Buttons. Mindy always calls her mother "lady" and her father "Mr. Man". Mindy's curiosity aways gets her and Buttons into very interesting situations. Mindy was voiced by Nancy Cartwright.