Bye, Bye Bluebeard

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Bye, Bye Bluebeard is a 1949 Warner Brothers cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series. It stars Porky Pig and deals with Porky's issues with a known killer running loose and the mouse that frustrates him by disguising himself as Bluebeard, and after getting exposed by Porky; eventually saves him from the real Bluebeard.


The cartoon opens with Porky eating large amounts of food to the rhythm of an exercise radio broadcast. A mouse then proceeds to sneak up and trick Porky into biting his own finger as a joke. Porky then proceeds to drive the mouse off; but then he is suddenly startled by a radio announcement to the effect of that killer Bluebeard is at large and Porky proceeds to lock up his house against said criminal. The mouse then decides to bully Porky by disguising himself as Bluebeard and threatening Porky until Porky offers him some food. As Porky is busy getting the mouse a drink, he is alerted by a radio newsflash that gives Bluebeard's height away as 6' 11. Porky then measures the rodent as 3 who then proceeds to run from Porky until Porky eventually pulls out the real Bluebeard by accident from under the table. The mouse then decides to harass Bluebeard as he is eating while Porky is strapped to a rocket; the mouse then harasses Bluebeard while he is trying to eat by saying he is his conscious. The harassment then continues and ends with Bluebeard getting hit five times by the mouse with pies to the face in various ways. Meanwhile, Porky manages to stop the fuse on the rocket and Bluebeard decides to tie up Porky's head,legs chest and stomach.The mouse whatches as Porky is begging for his life while Bluebeard builds a guillatin and about to be executed by Bluebeard.The mouse decides to help Porky by tricking Bluebeard into eating some bombs. Bluebeard desperately tries to get rid of them but fails and he is blown to pieces. The ending scene of the cartoon has Porky happily eating but with the mouse eating as well due to saving his life; the mouse is then shown to be fat and happy as the cartoon irises out.