Cheese It, the Cat!

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Cheese It, the Cat! is a 1957 Warner Bros. cartoon in the Looney Tunes series, directed by Robert McKimson. It is the second of three McKimson cartoons parodying television's The Honeymooners (the others being The Honey-Mousers and Mice Follies).


Ralph comes home to prepare a surprise birthday for his wife Alice. What prevents Ralph from getting party food is a cat in the kitchen. Ralph goes to the kitchen sink to ask Ned Morton for help.

Ned gets Ralph to ride a clockwork car with a cannon. As Ralph prepares to fire the cannon on the cat, the cat backfires the cannon on Ralph, forcing Ralph to retreat. Next Ralph paints so-called invisible ink (water) on Ned convincing him he is invisible. Ned confidentially walks past the cat plucking a whisker. When Ned returns, he has eaten the cake he was supposed to bring. Ralph getting impatient has Ned paint him with "invisible ink" and Ralph goes to towards the fridge only to be massacred by the cat. Next Ned launches Ralph from champagne bottle cork right in the cat's mouth and through his tail right over to the fridge, but the cat forces Ralph to retreat again. Both mice lure the cat on to the sink so that they can put his tail down the plughole. Then they activate the disposal pipe causing the cat to lose much of his fur and giving the mice the chance to take a cupcake from the fridge.

Ralph and Ned finally have everything ready for Alice. Alice is flattered by Ralph's surprise. Unfortunately, Ned put firecrackers instead of candles on the cupcake. After passing to and fro, Ralph and Ned push the cupcake in the cat's face, causing the cat to fly on to the ceiling light leaving him dazed and injured.


  • On CBS and FOX's The Merrie Melodies Show, there were two scenes cut:
  • The part where Ralph and Morton slam the door on the cat pursuing them and the cat's body gets flattened.
  • The part where Morton feeds the cat's tail into the sink drain and turns on the garbage disposal which sucks the cat inside and shaves most of his fur off (and the subsequent scene of the cat sadly picking his fur from the drain).

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