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Commander X2

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Commander X-2 in a very angry state of mind.

Commander X-2 is the confident commander of the Martian military as well as Duck Dodgers' arch enemy. He is in love with the Martian Queen (Queen Tyr'ahnee), whom he serves. He considers Duck Dodgers to be more of a nuisance than an actual enemy. It appears that he doesn't have a mouth (case of point in Duck Deception and The New Cadet). He is played by Marvin the Martian, and Joe Alaskey provides his voice. He and Dodgers have worked together a few times in the series. X2 is aged 20-21 years old. His birthday is 24th of July.


X2 has no backstory, it would be interesting if he did however


X2 is very quiet, and intelligent. He is evil, cunning, and sly. He can be very funny, and cheeky at times. He only does good things in the sake of his planet, or queen.


Marvin was employed by Martian Queen. He loves her, but she stabbed him in the back compleatly. Sometimes she is sweet with him, other times she mistreats him. He does evil frequently, but carries out jobs for the queen. In his spare time he causes mischief, sings, does clay work, cleans up his house + ship, sleeps, sits in a sauna, or walks his dog K9.


To kill and beat Duck Dodgers. To marry the queen, and be king of Mars.


  • Duck Dodgers
  • Eagar Young Space Cadet
  • Dr. I.Q. Hi


Dog K9 (also his pet), niece Marcia, queen of Mars, centurion robots. He also writes to his mother frequently.


Comander X2 also was the Marvin name in Haredevil Hare


X2 hates space bats, and any giant insects. When he 1st met The New Cadet, he was scared of her when she threatened him. X2 is most terrified of heights.