Cottontail Smith

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Cottontail Smith with his horse

Cottontail Smith (voiced by Mel Blanc) is a character who appeared in the cartoon Super-Rabbit.


Cottontail Smith is a hunter from Texas who planned to hunt down every rabbit on the planet. Riding on a horse he had a run in with Super-Rabbit and attempted to fire him, but the bullets prove useless. Eventually Bugs shoves him and horse onto a bench seat. Bugs flew into the sky and Smith chased after him on his own airplane, until Bugs was able to destroy it. Eventually Bugs ran out of power and instead of fighting Smith he left him because he felt the job should be left to a real superman.

Smith later returned in Looney Tunes: Back in Action, where he joined forces with Yosemite Sam and Nasty Canasta.


  • He may be modeled after former Texan Congressman Lyndon Baines Johnson.