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Swing Through Time With "Spider-Man: Life Story"

Join acclaimed writer Chip Zdarsky and superstar artist Mark Bagley for ''SPIDER-MAN: LIFE STORY'' – a tale encompassing the entire history of Spider-Man from beginning to end, set against the ke...
Valiant Introduces "Breakthrough", A Boundary-Shattering Lineup in 2019
Breakthrough is a boundary-shattering lineup of new #1s from Valiant Entertainment that will serve as perfect jumping-on points for new fans while expanding the shared universe.
The Marvel Universe is Destroyed…By Cosmic Ghost Rider
Who really gave the Fantastic Four their powers? Who brought The Amazing Spider-Man back after Spider-Man No More? Who found Captain America on ice before the Avengers did? Who saved Jean Grey from...
PREVIEWS Prevue: Hellboy Winter Special 2018 From Dark Horse
Three wintry tales from Hellboy featuring a Mike Mignola and Ben Stenbeck team-up for a New Year's Eve séance gone wrong! Look inside and get it now at your local comic shop!
CW To Adapt "Crisis on Infinite Earths" For 2019 Crossover
The CW will adapt 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths for a Fall 2019 crossevent with their DC heroes in the Arrowverse.
Netflix Orders "I Am Not Okay With This" Series Based on Graphic Novel
Netflix has ordered an eight-episode series of ''I Am Not Okay With This'', a graphic novel from ''The End of The F***ing World'' creator Charles Forsman.
Marvel's Newest Group of "Hotshots" Enter March 2019
Who are the hotshots? This March, Marvel invites you to meet a dangerous crew of international women – the newest group of hot shots to enter the Marvel Universe
Chris Messina Cast as Victor Zsasz in "Birds of Prey" Movie
Chris Messina has been cast in the role of Victor Zsasz, the serial killer who typically is an enemy of Batman.
"Marvel History Is Destroyed" in March 2019
It looks like Marvel has major events planned for several of it's most important characters in March 2019.
"Rick and Morty Presents" Returns For A Second Volume
The renowned one-shot quarterly series, ''Rick and Morty Presents'', is back for a second volume with four new, oversized single issues.
Chris Ryall Rejoins IDW Publishing as President, Publisher, and Chief Creative Officer
Former Chief Creative Officer and Editor-In-Chief, Chris Ryall, is returning to IDW Publishing as President, Publisher and Chief Creative Officer. Greg Goldstein will be stepping down as President...
"Lazarus: Risen #1" To Kick Off Relaunch of Hit Image Series
Weighing in at 64 pages and packed with extras, ''Lazarus: Risen #1'' continues the story of Forever and the Carlyle Family.
Celebrate The 25th Anniversary of "Marvels" With New Monthly Variant Covers
Join Marvel next year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross’ groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed series ''Marvels''.
PREVIEWS Prevue: Jughead–The Hunger #11
The monstrous conclusion of "Frankenmoose Meets the Wolf Jug"in Jughead: The Hunger #11! Click now to look inside the issue coming out in January!
Godzilla Does Battle in New "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" Trailer
''Godzilla: King of the Monsters'' follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters.
Kate Strand On The Hunt in "Calamity Kate"
Dark Horse's ''Calamity Kate'' catches up with titular hero Kate Strand after she reboots her destructive life and moves to L.A. to become the superhero she always wanted to be — a gun-toting...
"Bury The Lede" To Kick Off New Slate of Graphic Novels for BOOM! Studios
BOOM! Studios exclusively revealed a new slate of original graphic novels focused at adult readers, kicked off by ''Bury The Lede'' in October 2019.
Netflix Welcomes You To "The Umbrella Academy"
Netflix has unveiled the first official trailer for ''The Umbrella Academy'', based on the Dark Horse Comics series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá.
"Sonic The Hedgehog" Dashes Into Teaser For 2019 Movie
The first official teaser for the 2019 movie Sonic The Hedgehog dropped today in the form of an motion poster.
DC Updates Cover For Young Justice #1
DC announces cover updates for Young Justice #1 from the new DC Wonder Comics line! The main cover for this issue now will feature a full shot of the team by Patrick Gleason.
Conan Teams Up With The Avengers in 2019
It’s an action-filled, jam-packed story that you won’t want to miss when Conan Enters The Marvel Universe in AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME!
Diamond Announces Top Products for November 2018
Marvel Comics had both the best-selling comic book and graphic novel for November; ''Uncanny X-Men'' #1 was the month's top comic book and ''Venom'' Volume 1: ''Rex'' the month's top graphi...
Marvel Studios Unveils "Avengers: Endgame" Trailer
Marvel Studios has unveiled the trailer to ''Avengers: Endgame'', the sequel to 2018's ''Avengers: Infinity War''. Coming to theaters April 2019.
Dark Horse Turns Back The Clock With "Black Hammer '45"
Dark Horse is turning back the clock in the Black Hammer universe this March with the release of ''Black Hammer '45 .''
Image's "Die #1" Headed for Second Printing
Die #1 has been greenlit for a second printing to keep up with this week’s overwhelming consumer enthusiasm for the new series by New York Times bestselling creator Kieron Gillen
Toys on the Water: Updated 12/07/18
Waiting and wondering? Here's our list of high-profile toys and pop-culture merchandise that are "on the water" headed to our shores — and just weeks away from being in stores!
"Black Panther: The Album" Grabs Six Grammy Nominations
Kendrick Lamar's ''Black Panther: The Album'' grabbed six Grammy nominations Friday while Ludwig Göransson's ''Black Panther (Original Score)'' nabbed a nomination for Best Score Soundtrac...
Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips Renew Exclusive Deal With Image Comics
Eisner Award-winning creators Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have renewed their exclusive deal with Image Comics.
BOOM! Studios Explores Origins of Saffron in "Firefly: Bad Company" One-Shot
BOOM! Studios will explore the origins of ''Firefly's'' Saffron in March 2019 with a new one-shot titled ''Firefly: Bad Company''. 
"Black Panther", "Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse" Score Golden Globe Nominations
Marvel Studios' ''Black Panther'' scored three nominations at the Golden Globe Awards while ''Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse'' earned the nomination for B...
Fox Announces Heavy Metal Documentary
Heavy Metal Media, Fox, and 4th Row Films set to document the significance of the cult-favorite sci-fi/fantasy magazine!
DC Comics Reveals "Young Justice #1" Variant Covers
To celebrate the the release of ''Young Justice #1'', DC Comics has released an array of variant covers. Available at comic shops January 9, 2019.