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Key Comics, Original Art Lead Hake’s Latest Auction
Tuesday's Hake’s Americana & Collectibles even offers a vast array of historical and pop culture collectibles -- offering a dynamic sale for collectors of multiple interests.
Valiant Reveals Battle Plans for 'Harbinger War 2'!
Harbinger War 2 is Coming! Valiant’s Seismic Summer Event Begins with HARBINGER WARS 2: PRELUDE #1 and HARBINGER WARS 2 #1 In May!
Night And Day Are The Brave And Bold
A Celtic god's murder leads to a war between the fairy folk and a possible breach between worlds. Wonder Woman must find the murderer, while Batman investigates strange occurrences in Gotham City!
Free Comic Book Day Delivers Star Wars' Solo Ahead Of Movie
The cover for Star wars Adventures from IDW has been revealed! Get ready for an all-new Han Solo Adventure on Free Comic Book Day 2018!
Toy Fair 2018: Doomsday Clock Action Figures from DC Collectibles
'''Live from New York Toy Fair!''' DC Collectibles displayed of their most highly anticipated <I>Doomsday Clock</I> action figures! The Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias two-pack are in the...
DC Reveals The Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman Poster
The celebration of the Man of Steel's 80th anniversary continues with the ACTION COMICS: 80 YEARS OF SUPERMAN POSTER, available to preorder now!
Ezra Claytan Daniels' Upgrade Soul Goes From The Apple Store To Lion Forge
Ezra Claytan Daniel’s immersive graphic novel, Upgrade Soul, finally comes to print. Discover more about Apple comic that pioneered serialized graphic novels.
Final Showdown With The Red Goblin
Now, in issue #800, Slott and artist Stuart Immonen will unveil the biggest Peter Parker and Norman Osborn story of all time, joined by artists Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Jim Cheung.
Writer Donny Cates teases DOCTOR STRANGE: DAMNATION, the exciting, four-issue epic dropping in comic shops on February 21st! Watch the video now!
Marvel Unveils The X-Men Wedding Special
In this essential companion to the <strong>X-Men Gold</strong> story ‘Til Death Do Us Part, get a glimpse at Kitty and Peter’s march toward wedded bliss. It’s a celebration, Marve...
Hasbro Named As Toy Licensee for Saban’s Power Rangers
Hasbro — a global play and entertainment company — and Saban Brands have announced that Hasbro has been named the global master toy licensee for Saban’s Power Rangers.
Werewolf Trucker Also Known As Brother Nash
If American Gods met Teen Wolf and Hellboy on the midnight road to Sacramento, they might look like Brother Nash, a werewolf haunted trucker who can see ghosts and talk with spirits.
Toys on the Water: Updated 2/16/2018
Waiting and wondering? Here's our list of high-profile toys and pop-culture merchandise that are "on the water" headed to our shores — and just weeks away from being in stores!
PREVIEWS: Prevue: Take 'A Walk Through Hell' With Garth Ennis
Get ready for an All-NEW SERIES from Garth Ennis, Goran Sudžuka, and Aftershock Comics. So these two FBI agents walk into a warehouse…
IMAX Trailer: 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' Goes Big
The globe-spanning conflict between otherworldly monsters of mass destruction and the human-piloted super-machines built to vanquish them was only a prelude to the all-out assault on humanity in Pa...
Sneak Peek At The Death of the Mighty Thor
The Death of the Mighty Thor nears its end as the creative team of Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman bring you an epic showdown that has been years in the making.
Incredibles 2 Sneak Peek Drops on Valentine's Day
Helen's fighting crime while Bob wrangles the kids in Disney Pixar's <B>Incredibles 2</B>, the latest trailer for which debuted during the Winter Olympics!
Thirteenth Doctor Heralds A New Era For Titan's Doctor Who
This brand-new ongoing comic series, written by Jody Houser, with art by Rachael Stott, joined by colorist Enrica Angolini, features the Thirteenth Doctor, as played by Jodie Whittaker!
Sonic Merchandise Speeding to Stores from Diamond Select Toys
Diamond Select Toys has teamed with SEGA to create a line of high-quality Sonic the Hedgehog collectibles for fans young and old! The first products will be on display at the International Toy Fair...
Marvel Announces Venom 30th Anniversary Variants
In preparation for Venom’s 30th anniversary, get ready for 20 key moments showcasing the symbiote’s epic history. These anniversary covers will feature art by some of the industry’s top creat...
Image Comics To Publish Brian K. Vaughan And Marcos Martin’s Mini-Series Barrier
This May, all five issues of Barrier will be available in print for the first time, exclusively from Image Comics. Your local comic shop is the place, starting on Free Comic Book Day!
Take A Look Inside Valiant's First All-Ages Comic 'Valiant High'
Get a look inside VALIANT HIGH #1 – Daniel Kibblesmith & Derek Charm bring Valiant's first all-ages escapade to comic shops everywhere on May 30th!
Four Tales For Tracking Wolverine
The story that kicked off in April’s <strong>The Hunt For Wolverine #1</strong> continues as intrigue, mystery, romance, and action collide in an epic so big, it will take four differ...
Kindt And Rubin Return To 'Ether' With 'The Copper Golems'
Matt Kindt and David Rubin are re-teaming for the next installment in Ether, the fan-favorite fantasy-adventure series from Dark Horse Comics!
Lion Forge Announces New Editor!
Lion Forge's Social Media & Community Manager moves from Marketing to Editorial to help further company’s mission.
Superman Over-Sized One-Shots Coming In May
Big Blue gets his due! <strong>Action Comics Special #1</strong> and <strong>Superman Special #1</strong> celebrate three prolific Superman storytellers and feature bonus co...
Todd McFarlane, Gerry Duggan, John McCrea & More To Appear At Image Expo
A large list of creators will be making appearances at IMAGE EXPO in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday, February 21st. Click to see who is coming and find out more information!
Black Panther's Royal Family Tree Explained In New Video
Dive into Wakanda’s rich comic book history with the family lineage of its ruler, the Black Panther, featuring art by Khary Randolph and Erick Arciniega. Watch the new video from Marvel!
The World's Worst Superhero Team Jumps Into Harbinger Wars 2 For Quantum And Woody #6
Klang, klang...klunk? When the lights go out across America, the world's worst superhero team is going to finally find out if they have what it takes to be the heroes the Valiant Universe deser...
Gladiatorial Debut Issue Of VS Rushed Back To Print
The no-holds-barred sci-fi satire of VS, the new series from Iván Brandon and Esad Ribi&#263;, is being fast-tracked for a second printing in order to keep up with overwhelming customer demand.
PREVIEWS Prevue: There's No Such Thing As Refuge in 'Ghost Money' #7
Take a look at Ghost Money from Lion Forge, an action-thriller about the race to find a fabled Al-Qaeda fortune!
Chris Roberson Hunted For Witchfinder
When Chris Roberson started discussing the story that would ultimately become <strong>Witchfinder: The Gates of Heaven</strong>, he immediately suggested that D’Israeli would be the p...