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D.J. Drake

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Template:WBToonChar D.J. Drake is the main protagonist of  "Looney Tunes: Back in Action". The initials are believed to stand for "Damien Jr." after his father, Damien Drake, who is an actor playing a spy. Brendan Fraser portrayed him, as well as playing himself, and the voice for Taz in this film.

In the storyline of the film, he is the son of the Warner Bros. spy movie star Damian Drake, and he works at the studio as a security guard, but as the story opens, he aims to actually star in the movies. Unfortunately, his disastrous attempt to eject the just-fired Daffy Duck from the studio results in him being fired as well. Upon returning to his father's home in Beverly Hills, he finds that his dad really is a secret agent who has now been captured in his mission to stop ACME from finding the Blue Monkey Diamond. Accompanied by Daffy, D.J. heads off on a mission to rescue his father and save the world.