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DC Comics, formerly known as National Comics is an American comic book publishing company founded as

National Allied Publications in 1934. Many famous superhero characters were created for the comic books published by DC, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League.

In 1969, Warner Bros. Entertainment bought out DC Comics. As a result of this purcahse, all DC Comics-based movies released since then were produced by Warner Bros., and since the 1990s, Warner Bros. Animation has produced many animated series based on the comics, most notably those that took place in a continuity referred to as the DC Animated Universe. In addition, many past television shows based on DC Comics properties have been distributed to DVD by Warner Home Video (one notable exception being the 1966 live-action Batman series, as the footage itself is owned by 20th Century FOX, and no negotiations have been made between the two companies).

DC Comics references in the cartoons[edit]

Mostly in part due to Warner Bros. having purchased the company, many references to DC Comics were made in their cartoons. In the case of the Looney Tunes canon:

Looney Tunes and related shows[edit]

Tiny Toon Adventures[edit]

  • How I Spent My Vacation - When Buster and Babs fall down a waterfall, Superman flies in and catches them. Rather disturbed by his appearance, Buster and Babs demand him to leave, so he promptly drops them. Incidentally, right before Superman's cameo, Buster grabs Babs, saying "I gotcha!", to which Babs replies "But who's got you?" This piece of dialogue comes from the 1978 Superman film. Later in the movie, when surrounded by their predators, Babs asks "So where's Superman when you need him?!"


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