Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island

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Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies (Daffy Duck) compilation series 200px
UK VHS Cover

Directed by Friz Freleng
Chuck Jones
Story by
Animation by
Voices by Mel Blanc
June Foray
Les Tremayne

Music by Robert J. Walsh
Carl Stalling (classic cartoons)
Milt Franklyn (classic cartoons)
Eugene Poddany (classic cartoons)
William Lava (classic cartoons)
Produced by Friz Freleng
Hal Geer
Jean MacCurdy
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date August 5, 1983
Format , 78 min
Language English
Preceded by Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales
Followed by Daffy Duck's Quackbusters

Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island (also known as Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island) is a 1983 Looney Tunes film with a compilation of classic Warner Bros. cartoon shorts and animated bridging sequences, hosted by Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales.This was the first Looney Tunes compilation film to center on Daffy Duck, as the previous ones had centered on Bugs Bunny.

A note in the end credits dedicates the film to animator and story man, John Dunn, "who inspired it."[1] Dunn died of heart failure in San Fernando, California on January 17, 1983; six months before the film's release. This film has not been released on DVD in North America yet.

Classic toons in order[edit]

  • Louvre Come Back to Me! (Pepe Le Pew's wish) (The Well: "I grant your wish to meet a girl of beauty unsurpassed, which, when compared with works of art, will leave the louvre outclassed.")
  • Curtain Razor (Porky Pig's wish) (The Well: "Discovering new talent for the world to see; a wondrous thing for a producer to be.")


  • The original mid 80's VHS had its original soundtrack without any alterations. But current TV broadcasts uses a messed up audio on the cartoon's sountracks where it keeps echoing. As well as loud music in some scenes and cartoons (most notably on Stupor Duck) making it hard to hear what the characters are saying.


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