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Daffy Duck for President is a children's book, published by Warner Bros. and the United States Postal Service in 1997 to coincide with the release of the first Bugs Bunny U.S. postage stamp. The book was written and illustrated by Chuck Jones, edited by Charles Carney, and art directed by Allen Helbig. It was Jones' last published book before his death in 2002.

Echoing the popular "Duck Season/Rabbit Season" seen in the Bugs Bunny shorts Rabbit Fire, Rabbit Seasoning, and Duck, Rabbit, Duck!, the book tells how Daffy Duck, in an effort to outlaw Duck Season in favor of perpetual Rabbit Season, attempts to become a politician so as to change the law to suit him. Through a civics lesson regarding the United States Constitution and with Bugs Bunny's help, Daffy learns that it is "We the People" who run the country, not any one man or duck.

From the book's dust jacket:

"Bugs guides Daffy through the 3 branches of American government - the foundation of freedom - in a style so breezy and comic that you'd never confuse it with a civics lesson. Or would you? In keeping with the explosive fun of the author's art, Daffy Duck for President is presented in its original sketch form. It's pure Chuck Jones - brash, witty, and reflective - in a bold flash of pencil, paper, and impulse."

In 2004, Warner Bros. released a four-minute animated short of the same name based on the book. The film was produced by Tony Cervone, Spike Brandt, and Linda M. Steiner. It was considered for a 2005 Academy Award for Best Animated Short. Joe Alaskey voiced Bugs and Daffy. It was also planned for worldwide theatrical release, but these plans were aborted after Looney Tunes: Back in Action resulted in a financial disaster. It saw eventual release on Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 2.thumb|300px|right

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