Daffy Duck in Hollywood

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This page is about the video game. For the 1938 short of the same name, see Daffy Duck in Hollywood (Short).

Daffy Duck in Hollywood is a 2D platform game starring Daffy Duck released for the Game Boy, and the Sega Mega Drive. It was also released for the Game Boy Color, PC, NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance.


Daffy is armed with a cannon that shoots bubbles. If an enemy gets hit by the bubble, they become trapped. Daffy can also pick up an upgrade which helps him to shoot four homing fireballs at once. There are other items that are available for pick up, some of which give the player bonuses.

Daffy is able to jump to higher places by jumping from the underneath base of a certain platform. He however cannot jump down levels, instead he must fall from the edge of a platform. Daffy is also able to grab some platforms, using there handholds. Once he is clinging to the bottom of a platform, Daffy can move left or right, jump off, or climb to the right.

Daffy will also encounter enemies in the game that of course what to kill him. If he is touched, he dies and has to restart from the beginning. Daffy may also die if he ends up falling on traps such as spikes. If Daffy loses all of his life, then the game is over. Daffy can also get a magic wand which will summon a guardian angel which will protect him from death.