Ducking the Devil

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Ducking the Devil is a 1957 cartoon.


At a zoo, a cage was reserved for Taz. He soon escapes and runs amok. Meanwhile, Daffy is at home in his duckpond, and reads about Taz's escape in a newspaper. Taz soon finds him and gives chase after the black mallard. While fleeing from Taz's hungry jaws, Daffy hears a news bulletin posting a $5,000 reward for the Tasmanian Devil's return which also says Taz becomes docile when exposed to music. Using different kinds of music (some of which fail miserably) Daffy eventually resorts to using his own voice to calm the devil. Eventually, after serenading him for ten miles, Daffy leads Taz to his cage, slamming the door on the beast just as his voice was about to give out. After Taz grabs some of the Duck's reward money which slipped on the ground, Daffy rushes inside the cage screaming his famous line "its mine, mine all mine", and beats him up, and reassures the audience that he may be a coward, "but I'm a greeeedy little coward."