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Egghead Rides Again

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'Egghead Rides Again'
General information
Series: Merrie Melodies
Directed by: Tex Avery (credited as "Fred Avery")
Produced by: Leon Schlesinger
Written by: N/A
Animation by: Paul Smith
Irven Spence
Voices by: Tex Avery (uncredited)
Mel Blanc (uncredited)
Billy Bletcher (uncredited)
Layouts by: N/A
Backgrounds by: N/A

Egghead Rides Again is a 1937 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed byTex Avery.


Energetic Egghead is bouncing around pretending to be a cowboy until his obnoxious cadence gets him kicked out of the apartment complex he's living in. While on the street he finds an ad for a wanted cowboy in Wyoming. He applies and goes through various training sessions, but fails them all. Egghead, believing uselessness decides to leave, but the expert cowboys give him a different job: cleaning up after the cows and horses.


  • First appearance of Egghead, the character who would later provide the inspiration for Elmer Fudd. The reason his first appearance is entitled "Egghead Rides Again" remains a mystery.