Fast Buck Duck

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Fast Buck Duck is a 1963 cartoon.


Daffy Duck, flat in the middle of a junkyard, reads a sign that says a millionaire is seeking a local entertainer, and a companion. Daffy decides he's going to apply for this job. When he arrives at the house he finds that he has one major obstacle, a bulldog that's guarding the place, and he won't allow Daffy to enter the manor, resulting in a battle of wits.

Daffy, shocked at the sight of the dog, begins to think, "Bulldog? Couldn't have been!" He climbs over the wall to investigate. The dog knocks Daffy down to the ground. Daffy then decides that this means war.

1. Daffy plans to dig a hole under the wall. The dog runs him over with a handheld steamroller and flies him as a kite out of the manor.

2. Daffy plans to vault over next, but the dog pushes part of the wall up to hit him.

3. Daffy chisels out part of the wall and grabs a hammer calling, "Here, kitty kitty kitty kitty!" Suddenly he finds himself surrounded by cats, but when the dog appears, the cats go berserk and wildly claw at Daffy, who jumps in a lake.

4. Daffy tries to lift himself over the wall with a balloon, but the dog is on stilts, and blows him away, right before the balloon pops and Daffy falls down.

5. Daffy uses sleeping powder on the dog, and tries various noises to try and wake him, but none do it. Daffy then walks away, rustling a twig, which awakens the dog, who grabs Daffy. Daffy then uses a stick to distract the dog, but he comes back just before he can run. Daffy then does this again, this time with a stick of dynamite. He makes it to the door, to which the dog opens and gives back the dynamite to Daffy before it blows up.

Daffy makes it to the millionare's room, only to find out the companion is for the bulldog himself, Percy, to which the millionaire says, "I know you two will become the best of friends." Percy walks away with Daffy in his mouth, who says, "Friends' he says! With friends like this' you don't need any enemies!"