Gang Busters

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Gang Busters is the 21st episode of the TV series Tiny Toon Adventures.


Montana Max and his Gangsters steal a slushie machine and frame Buster Bunny for the crime. Will Buster break out and make Monty confess?

Can't Beat the Rap[edit]

A Tiny Toon Adventures song with Buster, Babs, Plucky, Gogo, Nikki, Monty and the Gangsters and the Guard along with Rocky and Mugsy. But Hamton don't know about rap but the Charleston, Disco & actual paper wrapping.


File:Tiny Toons Pacman.png
Tiny Toons Pac-Man Parody

When Buster and Plucky are in jail in a dark area called "The Hole", they get bored and start playing video games with each other's eyes. The first of which was Pong in which Buster won though Plucky objects and thought Buster was cheating, and the second was Pac-Man in which Plucky also mimics for a few seconds with Buster playing as the ghosts and Plucky was Pac-Man.

The Warden of the Juvenile Hall bears a strong resemblance to obscure Looney Tunes Character Colonel Shuffle but with darker skin.

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