George K. Chickenhawk

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George K. Chickenhawk is Henery Hawk's father.

He did not appear in Henery Hawk's first short, The Squawkin' Hawk, where we only see He

George's first appearance in Walky Talky Hawky.

nery's mother.

George appeared for the first time in the cartoon Walky Talky Hawky, where he explained to his son how his parents were outcasts for being chickenhawks.

He reappeared

George introducing himself to Daffy in You Were Never Duckier

in You Were Never Duckier, where Henery hunted down Daffy Duck masquerading as a rooster. Here he is very friendly with his son, tucking him into bed and including him in preparations to cook their 'chicken' dinner. This is where George is first named, both with his name on a mailbox, and when Daffy asks for his name.

Henery's father cackling evilly in The Foghorn Leghorn

For his third appearance in The Foghorn Leghorn, his character design was changed noticeably. He more closely resembled Henery, with a similar build and forelock, but a darker, duller coloring. He also wore a pair of spectacles, and behaved overall more villanous and cowardly than in previous depictions. He first lies to his son about chickens before going to hunt himself, where he reveals to the audience that he only wanted to keep Henery out of his way. When he enters the henhouse, he cackles evilly and emerges with two hens drug by the neck, before being stopped handily by Foghorn Leghorn. Henery asks him if that was a chicken, only for George to once again lie, calling Foghorn a "loud-mouthed shnook" before walking away with a visible yellow stripe down his back.