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Ghost Wanted

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Ghost Wanted is a Merrie Melodies animated short released in 1940. It features a little ghost (bearing resemblance to Casper the Friendly Ghost) who is inexperienced at haunting houses & whose "suit/sheets" resemble the typical footy pajamas with the "trap door" that were popular in the era. The little ghost is silent (never talks) & goes on a haunting job interview & is terrorized by a bigger ghost.


The short starts out in the little ghost's house as he's reading a book titled How To Haunt Houses showing various recommended haunting positions that are usually successful for ghosts. He tries out a few of the positions by posing and then reads the Haunt Ads in the Saturday Evening Ghost (dated Saturday December 13, 1939).

He comes across a haunting job that doesn't require experience at the address of 1313 Dracula Drive that he likes. He changes from his white "suit/sheets" into a new light blue colored "suit" (he also puts on a white hat) & is invisible for the interim between changing "suits". Even though he can pass through closed doors like an ordinary ghost, he prefers opening them while passing through.

He arrives at the house at 1313 Dracula Drive, which is on a mountain, and tries out for the house-haunting job, but winds up getting terrorized by a bigger ghost interviewing him for the position.

The ghost terrorizes him by yelling boo & scaring him, sending him a Ghostal Telegraph that says "Boo!", and dropping a lit firecracker that resembles an M-80 that the little ghost just barely runs away from.

The bigger ghost's plans backfire on him when the fuses of the fireworks he put in his "back pocket" get lit by the lit match he dropped & send him flying throughout the house after the little ghost & ultimately into a well somewhere outside the haunted house.[1]


The film is currently unreleased.

Technical Info[edit]



Aspect Ratio:1.37:1

Sound Mix:Mono

Company:Leon Schlesinger Studios