Go Away Stowaway

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Go Away Stowaway is a Merrie Melodies 1967 animated short starring Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales, on a cruise vacation.

This was also the final Warner Bros. cartoon in the "classic" era to feature the standard "Abstract WB" versions of the opening/closing logos. Beginning with the next short, Cool Cat, the logos were updated to reflect the then-recent merge of Warner Bros. and Seven Arts.


Daffy, tired of Speedy's singing and antics, decides to take a vacation (prompted by Speedy making him believe it's winter) from the mouse. However, unbeknownst to him, the mouse has stowed away in his luggage.

Speedy reveals himself once they are on a cruise liner, and Daffy quickly tries to get rid of him, but is tricked into the ocean, narrowly avoiding becoming shark bait. He decides to stay in his cabin, but Speedy again tricks him and gets his lunch. Thoroughly annoyed, Daffy attempts to fool Speedy into jumping overboard by pulling the emergency whistle, but instead is himself fooled into jumping ship.

Finally, Daffy drops the anchor as Speedy runs past, missing and sinking the cruise ship. Speedy resumes singing atop Daffy's stomach, who is forced to save them both.


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