Good Noose

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Good Noose is a 1962 cartoon directed by Robert McKimson. It stars Daffy Duck.


Daffy Duck stows away on a ship. The captain orders his faithful parrot, Mr. Tristan, to look for any stow-aways, and have them roped. Daffy is caught, and is going to be hanged but is able to persuade the captain to let him go, by saying that he can use magic to entertain the captain. The captain agrees, but Daffy is not a magician and he knows it. His so-called magic tricks include...

  • pulling a fish out of his cap (the fish is inflatable)
  • a milk bottle trick
  • a card trick (Tristan places a dynamite stick on the deck)
  • a concoction (he destroys the captain's watch)
  • an escape act (he cannot get out and is freed after 10 days)
  • a disappearing act (Daffy plans to blow up Tristan, instead blowing up the ship, which Tristan considers a good trick)