Gorilla Brothers

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The Gorilla Brothers are two gorillas (big brother and little brother) who mitotically and mistakenly stalk, and attack Taz and Jake throughout the segment Oh, Brother of episode 19.

File:Oh, Brother.jpg
Taz, Big Brother Gorilla, and Jake.

Big Brother[edit]

Big Brother Gorilla (Phil Proctor) Is the larger, powerful, blissful, but seemingly weak minded older brother. He is often ruled by his younger brothers strong, but "fragile" psychological dominance and control. The constant goading by his little brother brother will subject him to Taz's rage and fury.

Little Brother[edit]

Little Brother Gorilla (Jim Cummings) Is the smaller, weaker, but intelligent younger brother. He appears to hold his older brother to a high standard, and willfully looks to him for protection, but will occasionally berate him for loosing a fight against an opponent. He would later confront Jake himself, and engage in push and name calling fight, to which he would loose. Both him and Jake make up for their differences, and play together.


  • In a general sense, the younger gorilla brother appears to idolize his older brother in the same way Jake looks up to Taz.
  • Given that the gorilla duo appeared in only one episode, one can probably assume that the producers of the series likely wanted to have rivals for both Taz and Jake.