Half-Fare Hare

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Half-Fare Hare is a 1956 animated Merrie Melodies cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny.


Bugs Bunny boards the Chattanooga Choo Choo and finds Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton, from "The Honeymooners" TV show. Ralph and Ed are starving, and when they set eyes on Bugs, they yell, "It's foooooood!"


  • The CBS version of this cartoon cuts two scenes:
    • The scene where Norton hangs Bugs by his scarf on the wall of the boxcar (though the part where Norton offers to hang the scarf for Bugs was left in).
    • The part after Ralph climbs out of the cauldron, looking like a boiled lobster, where Ralph shoves Norton's nose into the hot water.
  • The ABC version also airs with these cuts, except the part where Norton offers to hang Bugs' scarf (which leads to Bugs being hung by his neck on the boxcar wall) was also cut.thumb|300px|right|This Video From YouTube
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