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Hare-less Wolf

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Hare-Less Wolf is a 1958 Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Bugs Bunny and a one-shot wolf character, Charles M. Wolf (voiced by Mel Blanc). An uncredited voice goes to June Foray as the wolf's wife, who appears in a brief scene at the beginning of the cartoon.

The storyline involves Charles being sent out by Mrs. Wolf to catch a rabbit for dinner. However, he has a bad memory, so he forgets what he's supposed to catch, a trait which Bugs takes advantage of. Some of the gags in the cartoon include Charles accidentally shooting himself in the face, not knowing how to operate a grenade, falling several hundred feet to the ground while riding a door, and of course, trying to think of the animal he's supposed to catch. In fact, the final gag in the cartoon is Charles still contemplating what the animal is, while Bugs tells the audience, "Well, good night, folks. We're running out of time."

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