Hare-Way To The Stars

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Hare-Way to the Stars is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon short released on March 29, 1958 and starring Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian.


The cartoon was directed by Chuck Jones. Other crew members of the cartoon include: story by Michael Maltese, animation by Richard Thompson, Ken Harris and Abe Levitow, and layouts by Maurice Noble. The cartoon also features backgrounds by Philip De Guard, and effects animation by Harry Love. The film editor is Treg Brown, the voice characterization is by Mel Blanc who does both Marvin the Martian's and Bugs Bunny’s voice, and the music is by Milt Franklyn.


The cartoon starts when Bugs Bunny, feeling the effects of mixing radish juice with carrot juice the night before, mistakenly climbs out of his hole and into a rocket ship that is taking off unbeknown to Bugs. He realizes what has happened once he screws open the tip of the ship, and is immediately hit by the satellite Sputnik and lands on Mars. While there, Bugs Bunny meets a Martian named Marvin the Martian who is trying to blow up earth with the Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

Bugs Bunny steals his explosive and Marvin Martian uses different tricks to try and catch Bugs Bunny. One of which is using ‘just add water’ Martians that grow when watered. In true Bugs Bunny fashion, he tricks the Martians into flying off the road and falling through a trap door. Bugs Bunny then steals one of the Martian's spaceships, and while flying by, trades the explosive he stole from Marvin Martian for the bottle of 'just add water' Martians. The explosive is lit, and soon exploded in Marvin Martian’s hand while Bugs Bunny is flying back to Earth. When Bugs Bunny arrives at Earth he has to crash land and finds himself and the bottle of Martians falling into the sewer. The Martians begin to grow and as that happens Bugs Bunny, climbs out of the sewer, frantically replaces the manhole cover and warns the audience to flee before he takes his own advice as the ground shakes with the invaders underneath.