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Heir-Conditioned is a Warner Brothers Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon short released in 1955 and directed by Friz Freleng and written by Warren Foster. Heir-Conditioned is the second of three Looney Tunes shorts underwritten by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (the first being By Word of Mouse).


The story begins with Sylvester the Cat finding himself the heir of his mistress' vast fortune. While his financial adviser, Elmer Fudd, is urging him to invest his money, Sylvester is frightened he will simply lose his money. Meanwhile, his street cat friends are out to get the money for themselves, but Fudd manages to thwart each attempt. Finally, Fudd manages an extensive lecture on the benefits of good investment on the economy with an educational film to illustrate the point. While Sylvester is not convinced, the cats outside see the film themselves and are persuaded to the point when Sylvester manages to get the money to them, they demand he give it over to Elmer for invest. Defeated, Sylvester gives in and growls to the portrait of his mistress that his life would have been less complicated if she took her money with her.


  The version of this cartoon that aired as part of ABC's The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show cut the part where an alley cat comes out of a trash can to announce the news of Sylvester's inheritance, but gets stopped when someone offscreen hurls a clothes iron in the cat's face.
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