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Pywikipediabot is a bot function ran using the command prompt. It is a semi-automated editing tool used on wikis.


  1. Download Python v2.x from the official Python site.
  2. Download a nightly build of the Pywikipediabot software. Then decompress the downloaded file.
  3. Create a shortcut to the folder using the instructions found on MediaWiki.org.

Connecting to wiki

  1. Open up command prompt and get to your pywikipediabot file from there.
  2. Enter in generate_family_file.py.
  3. Type out the URL of the wiki (e.g. http://simpsons.shoutwiki.com/wiki/).
  4. Type out a short name for the family file (e.g.simpsons).
  5. Wait for it to generate the file.

Connecting to account

  1. Open up your pywikipediabot file.
  2. Open the file user-config.py with notepad (by right-clicking and going to open with).
  3. Enter in the following data:
mylang = 'en'
usernames['Family Name']['en'] = u'Account Name'
family = 'Family Name'

Replace Family Name with the name of the Family (see above instructions) and Account Name with the name of your bot account.

4. Save the file as user-config.py (make sure you type .py at the end).


To edit, you must use a specific function. See Pywikipediabot/Basic use and Pywikipediabot/Scripts on MediaWiki.org.

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