Hold Anything

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Hold Anything is a cartoon featuring Bosko. It was released in October of 1930.

Plot                                            [edit]

Bosko works as a riveter at a construction site drilling rivets into a beam while whistling a tune.  The drilling process makes a drum beat noise which Bosko uses for his whistling also using a hammer to strike chains wich also makes a vibraphone tone.  Two mice on a scaffold cement bricks to make a wall. Then, Bosko makes a drum-line on the drill as six mice march on bricks (animation re-used in "It's Got Me Again"). 

After scaling a brick stairway, the mice come to a stop, marching until five mice march back, the lone mouse notices and tries to run but trips and lands on a saw that makes an echo tone.  Bosko takes advantage of the nose and plays a song on it before beheading the mouse (which is censored nowadays). The mouse's body tries to reach the lone head but Bosko bends the saw so he can't get it before a bounce regroups the mouses head with the body.  Below the beams, a goat eats rivets before swallowing the mouse who leaves through a door on the goat's stomach.

  Bosko tells the goat to send up a beam.  The mouse ties the rope to the goat's abdomen and reels it up with her tail.  Then, Bosko plays "H'llo Baby" on the rope strings on the way up.  He notices Honey typing on a typrwriter telling her "Hello baby, what do ya' say?".  She applauds with joy, giggling, typing and showing the audience "Gee, you're swell!".  He responds by dancing on the uneven beam. 

He plucks out music notes to travel to Honey's high-rise.  He places Honey by the window and grabs sheet music to "Don't Hold Everything" (from the film, "Hold Everything") and plays the typewriter like a piano.  Honey dances out the window and starts scat-singing the song.  Below, the goat blows a raspberry but after she notices the work whistle.  The goat yanks the handle and the whistle blows after wards she eats the whistle.  When she bites into the pipe, steam inflates the goat as she is turned into a flying balloon.  Bosko grabs the goat's tail and plays the goat like a bagpipe.  Honey continues to dance.  thumb|300px|left|added by invader daffy

The goat accidentally spits out the pipe and all the air deflates out of the goat.  Bosko slips but grabs onto the goats udder (?).  Bosko falls and lands on bricks, turning him into six mini-Boskos. They dance on the bricks before regrouping into one.  Bosko tips his hat.  The End! 


Cut on most airings is when Bosko decapitates the mouse with a saw.   


When the goat escapes the rope, she has spots but when she flies through the air, her spots are gone.