Honeymoon Hotel

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Honeymoon Hotel (1934) is an animated cartoon short subject in the Leon Schlesinger/Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies series, released February 17, 1934.

The cartoon follows a male and female bug/insect who check into a hotel which catches on fire. The song Honeymoon Hotel (by Al Dubin and Harry Warren) was originally introduced in the 1933 Warner Bros. film, Footlight Parade.

It is notable for being the first Warner Bros. cartoon produced in color (though it used Cinecolor since Walt Disney had exclusive rights to the Technicolor process). There were only two Merrie Melodies cartoons produced in Cinecolor before the series went briefly back to black-and-white. Later, the Merrie Melodies moved to Technicolor, though the Looney Tunes continued to be produced in black-and-white until 1943.



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