I Love a Parade

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I Love A Parade is a 1932 cartoon.


We are introduced to a circus, where a clown is doing his tumbling act. A marching band consisting of a kangaroo, and a lion comes by performing the title song. The spectators are also singing the main song, and a black clown and a pipe-smoking dachshund riding a unicycle also goes by. A car goes by with a lion in a cage, as it goes through the car shows the lion in the driver's seat and the driver in the cage. Monkeys also use a lion's tale like a jump rope, and then we see that the street cleaner is complaining about elephants. The announcer introduces acts such as Jo Jo the wild man (Stereotyping an African native), Gumbo the India Rubber Man, Siamese twin hogs, a strong man with several tattoes, and a hippo that dances in a hula. The announcer than proceeds to introduce "A man from India that is skinny", who is Mahatma Gandhi, along with a goat that dances. Near the big top we see Fifi a mouse who rides a bicycle on an elephant, and a female cat who sings the main song when she is performing her main act. Outside of the tent a bunch of mice use an ostrich and a slingshot in an attempt to gain free admission. The final act is the lion tamer. The man puts his head inside the lion, and the lion bites the man's head. The lion scratches his back, and puts his teeth off attempting to get some fleas that were on him. (The end)


This cartoon is on the DVD Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Volume 6, Disc 3, as a Bonus Cartoon.