It's Hummer Time

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It's Hummer Time is a 1950 cartoon directed by Robert McKimson.


A hummingbird is chased back and fourth by a Tuxedo cat. Eventually the bird finds itself in the position of a sleeping Bulldog, who punishes the cat every time he tries to hurt the bird.

The punishments that cat received are:

  • The Fence - The bulldog pulled that tuxedo cat through a hole in the fence.
  • Happy Birthday - The tuxedo cat was hit with a birthday cake with dynamite sticks instead of candles.
  • The Rain Pipe - The tuxedo cat gets pulled through a rain pipe (ala The Fence), and then he hits it with a bat.
  • The Thinker - The tuxedo cat got thrown into a cement mixing machine and got turned into a mock-up of The Thinker.
  • The Works - This chronicles every punishment used in this cartoon. The hummingbird took advantage of that and tied the tuxedo cat & bulldog together, having both of them go through everything. When they ended up in the cement mixer, the hummingbird turned them into statues for a bird bath before the cartoon ends.


A follow up cartoon called Early to Bet was later created around a year later.