Kitty Bright

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Miss Kitty Bright is an anthropomorphic cat co-ed with red beret and yellow letter sweater. She is Johnny's girlfriend. Her only appearance is in the cartoon Katnip Kollege.

At Katnip Kollege, she is singing the Professor's lessons to a jazz rhythm and taking a course in "Swingology." When Johnny is forced to sit in the dunce chair, she returns his fraternity ring as she leaves the room, telling him to call her when he learns how to swing.

When Johnny listens to the pendulum clock and gets the beat, he rushes the join the other cats and sings "As Easy As Rolling Off A Log." Kitty joins in; he graps a trumpet from one of the cats. They grab each other's hands and roll off the log that they used as their stage. Kitty covers him with lipstick kisses as the cartoon ends.