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Little Dutch Plate

From Loonipedia

Little Dutch Plate is a 1935 animated short.


A story in a Dutch kitchen; where the girl on the right and the boy with the salt shaker just so happen to be in love with each other. The two dance and the girl sitting on the blue plate joins in with them. An nefarious looking vinegar bottle comes near them holding the mortgage in hand. The boy is left with only 30 minutes before he can get the money. When he arrives at his piggy bank he finds that there is only one cent in it. He sees his paw's teeth are on the wall and they have gold teeth; the boy uses a firecracker and plans to set them free; and then return. But in the meantime, his girl has been strapped to a board inside a grandfather clock that's about be cut in half. He is able to set her free, and proceeds to pummel the vinegar bottle. The vinegar bottle finds a much better looking head and goes after the girl.thumb|300px|right