Little Go Beep

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Little Go Beep is a 2000 Looney Tunes cartoon starring Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. The title is a play on Little Bo Beep.


The cartoon starts with Baby Wile E. Coyote being told by his father Cage E. Coyote that he is not allowed to talk until he catches a roadrunner. Wile then sees Baby Roadrunner, as the roadrunner is running the cartoon freezes and words pop up saying: ROADRUNNER (morselius babyfatus tastius). Then, the cartoon freezes again and says: COYOTE (poor schinookius) and the coyote falls on the words that popped up.

PLAN 1: Wile uses some keys to open a door to a room that has dangerus explosive items and ends up getting blown up.

PLAN 2: Wile uses a badger trap to try to catch Road, but he catches a badger instead.

PLAN 3: Wile gets a package from the mail a stretch hamstring to stop Road but ends up getting crushed by two cacti.

PLAN 4: Wile E. uses his jack in the box to punch Road, but he gets punched instead. He does get Road, but than fails.

PLAN 5: Wile uses toy rockets full of water on a big trike but gets in the badger trap and gets beaten up by the badger he caught earlier. Cage is proud that his son tries to catch Road, but he will not be able to talk for a long time.