Looney Tunes: The Collectors Edition

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Looney Tunes: The Collectors Edition was a 15 volume collectors' series of Looney Tunes videos made in late 1999, all offered by Columbia House. These videos were never available in stores, and were only available through Columbia House. The videos are listed in the order they are shipped when you subscribe.

Unlike previous Looney Tunes home video releases (except the laserdisc releases), the black & white cartoons are presented in their original black and white presentation.

Cover Title Shorts
Vol. 1: All-Stars
Vol. 2: Running Amuck
Vol. 3: The Vocal Genius
Vol. 4: Daffy Doodles
Vol. 5: Musical Masterpieces
Vol. 6: Supporting Players
Vol. 7: Welcome To Wackyland
Vol. 8: Tex-Book Looney
Vol. 9: A Looney Life
Vol. 10: Canine Corps
Vol. 11: Wabbit Tales
Vol. 12: Porky and Daffy
Vol. 13: Comic Cat-Tastrophies
Vol. 14: Cartoon Superstars
Vol. 15: A Battle of Wits