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Looney Tunes Laserdiscs

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These are the laserdisc releases of the Looney Tunes (not including the Looney Tunes films). They were made for Laserdisc releases that never came out on VHS. They also include shorts that were never released on VHS (until Looney Tunes: The Collectors Edition came out). And they feature the same opening from the Warner Bros. Cartoon Cavalcade and Looney Tunes Movie Title Parody Series VHS.

Cover Title Shorts
Bugs Bunny: Winner by a Hare: 14 of Bugs Bunny's Best
Bugs Bunny: Hare Beyond Compare: 14 More Bugs Bunny Classics
Daffy Duck's Screen Classics: Duck Victory
Guffaw and Order: Looney Tunes Fight Crime
Ham on Wry: The Porky Pig Laser Collection
Longitude and Looneytude: Globetrotting Looney Tunes Favorites
Looney Tunes: After Dark: Ghoul, Ghost and Goblin Cartoon Classics
Looney Tunes: Assorted Nuts: Memorable Supporting Players and Cult Classics From the Looney Tunes Vault
Looney Tunes: Curtain Calls: Classic Music and Show Business Cartoons
Road Runner Vs. Wile E. Coyote: If At First You Don't Succeed...
Sylvester and Tweety's Bad Ol' Putty Tat Blues
Wince Upon A Time: Foolhardy Fairy Tales and Looney Legends